Benefits of Wellness Coaching: What’s in It for You?

Wellness Coaches Help People Move into Action to Achieve Their Dreams

Wellness coaching helps people make lasting changes by guiding them through the self-change process and enabling them to:

  • imagine a preferred future where they enjoy greater health, wellness, and well-being
  • define their health and wellness goals
  • identify strengths, skills, and resources they can marshal in the change process
  • set target milestones
  • identify and carry out achievable health and wellness-promoting behaviors
  • create strategies to anticipate and overcome obstacles
  • track and monitor progress
  • problem-solve and recover from setbacks
  • celebrate successes
  • influence and inspire those around them

Wellness Coaches Help People Address the Issues that Count

Health and well-being are the product of many factors, so IWE’s program offers a holistic approach that helps people boost their wellness in the areas that most concern each individual. These include:

  • physical, nutritional, medical and dental wellness
  • emotional and psychological wellness, which includes stress management
  • personal, social, and professional relationships, including managing and resolving conflicts
  • behavioral wellness and reducing the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • money management
  • occupational engagement and satisfaction
  • environmental wellness, which includes one’s personal space
  • spiritual wellness


US DOL Approved

IWE created the competencies and curriculum for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wellness Coaching Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Participating in IWE’s Wellness Coaching training courses may count toward fulfillment of the Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements.

Department of Labor: Certified Wellness Coach Bulletin and Curriculum