Needed: Certified Wellness Coaches

Only 3% of Americans Follow the Simple Prescription for Good Health.

What About the Other 97%?

Certified Wellness Coaches (Level 2 – 5)

The DoL Bulletin announcing the Wellness Coach Apprenticeship

Looking for a Wellness Coach Certification Program?

There are many wellness coach certification programs out there offered by a variety of organizations. But only ONE organization–the Institute for Wellness Education–created the national occupational competencies and training curriculum that the US Department of Labor used to 1) approve wellness coaching as a recognized occupation and give it a standardized occupational code (O*NET-SOC Code: 21-1094.00), 2) give wellness coaching a standardized occupational code, and 3) create a registered apprenticeship in wellness coaching.

Participating in IWE’s Wellness Practitioner training courses can help you  fulfill many of the Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements.

Person-centered support that fits

The difference is in the Approach

The 4 basic lifestyle prescriptions for good health are a healthy weight, eating enough fruits and vegetables, getting physical activity, and not smoking.

Getting Americans back on track isn’t going to happen with educational brochures, government warnings, digital tracking systems, or social media, although all these can help.

Decades of research tell us that a lot more goes into being able to carry out these 4 basic prescriptions than just dieting, exercising, and going cold turkey.

What will make a difference for the other 97% is recognizing the many factors, including such things as environment, social relationships, work, stress, values, beliefs, finances, and more, contribute to a person’s ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Coaches take a holistic perspective and use a person-centered approach to give people the dedicated, ongoing support they need to stay the course with science-based change strategies.

IWE’s Wellness Coaching trains professionals to help make this happen.

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A new and vital American occupation: Wellness Coaching

IWE’s nationally endorsed Wellness Coaching training program provides rigorous, competency-based training to equip professional Wellness Coaches with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to help others define their goals and use effective means to achieve them.

Wellness Coaches are collaborators on a journey that puts people in the driver’s seat of control and helps them marshal their own strengths and resources to reach meaningful goals.

IWE’s Wellness Coaching model offers a powerful partnership that makes a big difference.

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Anyone Can Be a Wellness Coach

Enjoy helping others on a journey of self-discovery

Wellness Coaching is for people who have a sincere desire to accompany others on a journey of self-discovery and self-change. Wellness Coaches celebrate the power and strengths inherent in each person, and create the conditions that enable others to tap into their own deep resources, help them learn new self-change skills, and celebrate success.

Becoming certified doesn’t require an advanced degree or clinical license, but it does take work to become expert in simple but powerful skills of listening and strategic questioning.

Train when and where it’s convenient

IWE’s Wellness Coaching training is online, so it can be done anytime, anywhere. Learning activities are varied to suit the unique learning styles of every participant. Creating a community of learners is the key to developing skills and confidence, so IWE’s learning activities stress collaboration, real-world practice, and real-time interaction with faculty. The training curriculum combines courses in coaching fundamentals and specialty topics.

Learn more about yourself and help others reflect on the goals and aspirations using Interactive Journaling®

Measure and do more of what works

Science based Outcomes

IWE equips Wellness Coaches with science-based outcomes measurement tools that are easy to use and deliver results in real-time. This means no waiting months to see what works. Our metrics make sure you’re on the right path from day one because it’s the tiny steps in the right direction that lead to big rewards.

Learn more about: Wellness Outcomes

Certified Wellness Coach (Levels 1 – 5)

Full Wellness Coach Certification: 250 Hours Instruction, Plus 1000 hours Practicum

Wellness Coaches guide, support, and empower meaningful, enduring change among individuals and organizations. They provide a comprehensive ongoing program of support that reinforces client competence, motivation, and sense of purpose.

IWE offers 5 levels of Wellness Coach certification:


Level 1 (Advocate, Ambassador Facilitator) Level 2 (General) Level 3 (Specialist I) Level 4 (Specialist II) Level 5 (Master)
Take Charge of Your Life: Be Well to Do Well X X X X X
Domain 1: Basic Principles and Skills X X X X
Domain 2: Building Blocks of Health X X X X
Number of required electives 1 2 2
Hours of required practicum 1000 hrs

For more information on the curriculum, click here. For an overview of the modules, click here.

Celebrate success

Transforming our national culture will take more than individual efforts, but we each still must do our parts. IWE’s certified Wellness Coaches help people create inspiring stories of successful self-change that become personal legacies to inspire others into the future.

New Career Possibilities

Come be a part of the Wellness team!