Wellness opens the door to a community’s future.

We need a radical solution to make sure everyone gets through.

Put wellness on the map

Schools, civic organizations, faith-based groups, and businesses are mirrors of the community

They are also the community’s hope for the future. But obesity, inactivity, tobacco use, stress, substance use, and other lifestyle factors threaten that future. And no one is immune. That’s why putting wellness on the agenda of every community organization benefits everyone in the organization, and beyond.

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Build capacity into the community

Empower community members to help themselves, individually and together

IWE Wellness Coach training programs help communities meet their health and wellness challenges head-on. Our training empowers organizations to marshal their unique strengths and resources so each person can make their own changes for better health and wellness, and then, help others around them.

A role for everyone

IWE offers training for everyone

Regardless of educational achievement, age, or occupation, everyone can help make the change process for greater health and wellness a little easier. The Wellness Coach Level 1 is the place to begin because it gives novice coaches the skills to model wellness by example and lead peer activities to engage others in wellness. Wellness Coach Levels 2-5 is designed for community members who want to provide others with more ongoing, intensive support, offer a specialization, and provide coaching services for a community institution or within the community at large.

Training for real life

Flexible online training schedules

IWE’s Wellness Practitioner training programs are online, so they can be done anytime, anywhere. IWE’s learning environment also provides plenty of opportunities for real-time interaction with faculty and collaboration with others. “Learn by doing” is fundamental, so students apply new skills and knowledge in real life from day one.

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Measure and do more of what works

Measure outcomes to predict success

IWE equips Wellness Practitioners with science-based outcomes measurement tools that are easy to use and deliver results in real-time. This means no waiting months to see what works. Our metrics make sure you’re on the right path from day one because it’s the tiny steps in the right direction that lead to big rewards.

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Tell your story. Celebrate!

Time for a cultural transformation

Cultural transformation changes the community narrative. IWE’s certified Wellness Coaches help communities create models of success and stories of change that become rich legacies to inspire everyone, from its oldest adults to the youngest members of the next generation.

We wrote the book!

IWE created the competencies and curriculum for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wellness Coaching Registered Apprenticeship Program. Participating in IWE’s Wellness Practitioner training courses with your employer’s support can count towards fulfilling the Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements.

Certified Wellness Coach

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