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The numbers tell the story.

By now, virtually all employers with 200 or more employees have wellness programs in place–from bare bones to elaborate–yet fewer than 20% of employees participate. And it’s likely that the small percentage who do participate are those employees who need the program the least. If you want to decrease your healthcare costs, drive down absenteeism and presenteeism, and increase your workforce’s sense of well-being, the answer is engagement. It’s also one of employers’ greatest challenges. IWE’s science-based approach helps drive engagement in a way that is easy, affordable, and self-sustaining.

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Where do we start?

Step 1: Talk to us

We help employers leap over the barriers to employee engagement with a unique model that puts employees in the driver’s seat from the start.

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Clear the engagement hurdle.

Step 2. Start with where people are “at”

If you’re like most employers, engagement is on of the biggest hurdles you face, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting everyone on board with health and wellness means starting with where people are “at.” This doesn’t mean how they score on a health risk assessment or what their lab values are from biometric testing, although these are important. But to help people take that first step, it means starting with the issues that concern them and take away from their being fully present at work and at home. IWE’s approach is to help you engage every employee by starting with where it counts…for them.

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Make wellness the norm.

Step 3.  Make wellness something everybody does

Making any kind of change is hard to do by yourself. It’s a lot easier if others around you are doing similar things, whether it’s getting more exercise, eating healthier, or tackling a new project. Social networking is great, but being surrounded by like-minded people provides an unbeatable context for success. When wellness is the norm and everyone is doing something to improve their well-being, then everyone can support each other. Suddenly, it’s not so hard after all…

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Support the change process

Step 4. Develop your own internal wellness support network

IWE will help you train your own internal network of Wellness Coaches. Many of the best programs offer Wellness Coaching over the phone, but wouldn’t it make more sense if trained support personnel were in-house? They would be closer at hand and the skills and services would become a consistent part of your organizational culture. By using your own staff as wellness coaches adn facilitators, you foster a closer community and make support accessible to everybody across your organization.   Anyone can be cross-trained as a Wellness Coach–it does not have to be full-time.  Wellness Coaches can come from your team of supervisors, accountants, or draftsmen – anyone really. And, because IWE teaches people how to maximize strengths rather then deficits and focus on solutions not problem analysis, the Wellness Coaching courses also offer great management training.

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Facilitate sustainable change.

Step 5. Provide the authority to make things happen

Managing change across an organizational culture is challenging: It requires planning and judgment.  Managing this complex change is so important that we have created a Certified Wellness Facilitator course for managers, who can help drive your organization’s wellness agenda. Maintaining a culture of health and wellness requires ongoing efforts at the personal and policy levels, so having a people with the authority and resources to keep the ball rolling can make a huge difference.

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It’ll be well worth your while….


By working with IWE, you could reduce health care costs, increase productivity, and have a happier, more cohesive team that enjoys working in a much healthier environment! Register your staff for courses here.