Gain Critical College-and Job-Ready Skills: Get Certified as a Wellness Coach

Health and wellness are the hottest topics on people’s agendas today…and schools and employers care.

It’s not enough to pass tests.

Students must demonstrate that they have the self-management and interpersonal skills to make good decisions, communicate effectively with others, work collaboratively, and demonstrate sound judgment.

Take Charge of Your Life: Be Well to Do Well is IWE’s Level 1 Wellness Coaching Certification program that gives students those key skills. By becoming certified as a Wellness Coach, students demonstrate that they have the skills to maximize their own well-being and productivity, plus, help others do the same.

Get Certified and Earn 3 College Credits

IWE’s Take Charge of Your Life: Be Well to Do Well offers everything you need:

  • In just 36-50 hours, you can become a Certified Wellness Coach, Level 1 and receive 3 units of college credit
  • Convenient format (online and by teleconference) so you can participate when and where you want
  • Learn-by-doing, hands-on projects, no memorizing and no big exams
  • Time commitment you can live with: 3-4 hours per week online
  • Skills that can translate into a paying job or career

Certified Wellness Coach, Level 1 for Teens Schedule

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Gain Skills that Count!

You will learn how to be well for yourself and do well for others in all areas life: Be Well

  • Create goals for life, school, and career that are important to you, and use cutting-edge science-based strategies to reach those goals
  • Make healthy decisions that align with your values, needs, and interests
  • Create positive relationships…at home, school, and work
  • Handle stress effectively so it doesn’t wear you down, and manage emotions so you stay focused and positive

Do Well

  • Apply powerful skills to your interactions with others and be an effective communicator, trusted team player, and inspiring leader in any situation
  • Engage others in conversations and activities that help move them forward in a self-change process so they can live healthier, happier lives
  • Lead single- and multiple-session workshops to help others make changes in their lives that stick using innovative techniques of Interactive Journaling® and group support

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Wellness & Wellness Coaching
  • How People Change…for Good: The Art and Science of Change from Theory to Practice
  • From Planning to Action: Being the Best You Can Be in 10 Dimension of Wellness
  • Practice to Mastery: Wellness Skills as They Apply in Your Day-to-Day Living
  • Help Others Change Themselves Using Science-based Tools and Techniques

Students Speak about Wellness Coach Training

Vista Ridge High School Pioneers Wellness Coaching Course

Vista Ridge High School pioneers Certified Wellness Ambassador

Hear a few things that our first class of Teen Ambassadors learned and accomplished!


Recent Comments on the Certified Wellness Coach Level 1 for Teens Course

“I’m really inspired now to live more healthy because I learned how to set goals I can reach.” —High school junior

“I learned how to take better charge of my emotions so I don’t feel so stressed.” —High school senior

“My boss wants to know what I'm doing because she's noticed a huge improvement in my mood and how I do my work.” —High school senior

“Fantastic opportunity for students! Gives them skills that are critical to their success.” —High school teacher

More comments from course attendees


Earn College Credit
IWE's Certified Wellness Ambassador and Wellness Advocate courses now earn 3 college credits from the White Mountains Community College that can be transferred to other Universities and Colleges, thus lowering your College tuition fees.


US Department of Labor Approved

IWE created the competencies and curriculum for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wellness Coaching Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Participating in IWE’s Wellness Practitioner training courses may count toward fulfillment of the Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements. Department of Labor: Certified Wellness Coach Bulletin and Curriculum Institute for Wellness Advocate and Coach programs are US Department of Labor approved