Is Becoming a Wellness Coach for You?

Sometimes life presents opportunities right in front of us but we don’t always see them. Take helping others improve their health and wellness, for example. Maybe you’re already “doing it” informally—people come to you for help—and you’re ready to take the next step to become a professional wellness coach. Ask yourself whether you:


  1. Are the kind of person people naturally come to when they have problems or need someone to talk to
  2. Have a listening ear
  3. Are passionate about helping others
  4. Consider yourself friendly, outgoing, approachable, and patient
  5. Have strong core values and commitment to your own goals
  6. Establish relationships easily and nurture them

If the answers are “yes,” you’re already on your way!

What Qualities Do You Need to Become a Wellness Coach?

Wellness Coaches need strong personal and interpersonal skills including:

  1. Good critical thinking
  2. Sound judgment
  3. Emotional stability and maturity
  4. Excellent communication
  5. Respect and concern for others
  6. Desire to work independently and cooperatively with others
  7. Adaptability, creativity, flexibility
  8. Comprehensive follow-through
  9. Astute listening
  10. Positive, can-do attitude
  11. Ability to energize and instill confidence
  12. Respect for others’ perspectives and “expertise” about their own lives
  13. Desire to work in a collaborative way with others

US DOL Approved

IWE created the competencies and curriculum for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wellness Coaching Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Participating in IWE’s Wellness Coaching training courses may count toward fulfillment of the Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements.

Department of Labor: Certified Wellness Coach Bulletin and Curriculum